Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty when installed in homes and a limited warranty when used in commercial buildings
  • Measures 19 inches by 17 inches by 3.75 inches to save up to 90% on the space other brand uses
  • Plugs directly into your electrical system and does not require any batteries
  • Weighs less than 18 pounds and can fit on any wall
  • Requires 240 volts of power to run or 150 amps
  • Includes information on the box regarding how many rooms or faucets the heater can accommodate
  • EcoSmart recommends using four 40 amp pole breakers and using double poles
  • Will increase the temperature of your water based on the exact temperature that the water comes to it
  • Option of using the machine in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree settings

Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater

It can be hard to find the right tankless water heater for you. Which brand is best? Which price is the most fair? What heating unit will provide endless hot water, even during snowstorms?

Let me introduce the Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater. It is a self-modulating, long-lasting unit that I consider to be the best tankless water heater on the market.

It’s not only a trusted brand but also a model that surpasses all other products in the same line.

You don’t have my word for it. So this is your comprehensive guide to the ECO36.

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When shopping for a tankless water heater, there are a few things you should keep in mind. So let’s get into them.

Depending on the external water temperature, the flow rate of the ECO 36 is between 3-8 gallons per hour (GPM). This will be explained in more detail later.

Power: You’ll get 36 kW power if you install it correctly. This is 36,000 watts total.

Size: The unit measures 17″ x 19.5″ and weighs 17 lbs. It is not the lightest unit on the market, but it is far from the heaviest. You can install it almost anywhere on your property, without any additional space.


As a “whole house” tankless water heater, the ECO 36 is designed to service multiple kitchens and bathrooms without breaking a sweat. This translates into simultaneous usage of showers and dishwashers without needing to install heating units at every spout.

The ECO 36 will give you great control over hot water. The ECO 36 can heat up to 150 degrees F. This is an exact number and not a range. You can’t choose between “warm” and “hot” by turning a dial or lever. The temperature of your water can be controlled down to one degree.

The ECO 36 is a more hands-off model. The ECO 36 is self-modulating and draws only the amount of power required to heat your water.

It doesn’t draw maximum current, then shut off depending on your temperature control. You only draw the power you require, which means huge energy savings and reduced utility bills.

Heat Output and Heat Flow

As previously mentioned, the ECO 36 performs differently depending on where you live, so let’s look at these locations and how their weather conditions affect the unit.

  • Northern states: Your flow rate should be between 3-4 GPM if your incoming temperature is less than 40 degrees F. This means that you can only run one or two taps simultaneously, but it becomes difficult to do more.
  • Southern states: You’ll get 6-8 GPM if you live in a region with moderate winter temperatures. This will provide enough hot water to heat your sinks, showers, and dishwashers simultaneously.

These territories don’t have a clear line, so even if you are somewhere in the middle of them, your results will likely be the same. This is what you should keep in mind as you use the ECO36.


Although the installation of the ECO 36 is simple, you will need to have certain parts to open panels or connect wires.

  • Box with electrical outlet
  • 40A lines
  • #8 Copper wiring

To be fully functional, the unit requires 150A. This means that the unit needs eight wires to be fully operational. There are four ground wires and four double-pole circuit breakers. You can run it with one line, but you will only get 9 kW heating power instead of 36 kW.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

I am a North American resident with an inlet temperature of 37 degrees F.

What is the maximum flow at this temperature for Eco 36?

Hot water can flow at 3.5 GPM at 37 degrees F Eco 36.

Why does Eco36 require four double poles (240v breakers)?

According to electric water heater reviews, Eco 36 is a powerful heater that heats large volumes of water quickly. However, it requires a lot of power, so four double poles (240v) breakers were installed.

Eco 36 can cover six family members. But is Eco 36 capable of covering the maximum number of people?

You may not have mentioned the weather conditions; co 36 can provide 6 GPM maximum, four showers, and one sink.

Do I need to use Eco36 filters, or can they provide them?

If the water is contaminated with sediment, a filter will be required. You may need to filter your water supply separately.

It seems a bit technical. Can I get help filling it?

It will be filled by the contractor. Tech support can be contacted if you’re not sure.

Customer care is fantastic

Eco group offers exceptional customer service. They will respond within one working day if you call or email them. In addition, they will respond to your call or email, even if it’s Christmas or if they are on voicemail.

Final verdict

The Ecosmart ECO 36kw 240V Tankless Water Heater idealizes homes in the Southern and Northern USA. You can use two showers at 37 degrees, and you will never run out of water. It is suitable for large homes in warm areas (50 degrees F) and small homes in colder regions. Be sure to check the requirements for power before you make a decision. To run the water heater efficiently, your house will need 40A wiring. You’ll also need four double poles (240v), breakers, and 150 amp. These components will last you a lifetime, so make sure you have them installed.


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