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Historical fantasy is a fictionalized version of a period in history that has been lost to time and adds fantasy elements. Alternate history, also known as alternative history, is fiction that tells stories set in fictional worlds where history is different from the real world.

Historical fantasy novels combine elements of historical fiction with fantasy to create a new way of seeing the past, often with magical elements. These novels are often set in medieval times, but they can also be set during the Napoleonic era and the Renaissance. Among others, Guy Gavriel Kay and Katherine Arden are notable historical fantasy authors.

Historical fantasy is my favourite genre because it combines fantasy and historical fiction. Combining historical settings with fantastic elements gives me a better understanding of other beliefs and cultures and fuels my imagination and curiosity. These historical fantasy novels will transport you to many different times around the globe and will captivate you from the beginning.

Historical fantasy is a sub-genre in historical fiction that includes fantastic elements (such as magic) into the story. It is often merged with other genres of fantasy. Classes such as Dark Ages, Celtic or Arthurian could also be included in Historical Fantasy. These stories are usually set before the 20th century.

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